Fifty Shades Freed By: E L James


About the book:

The honeymoon ends and reality hits, as Ana and Christian go back to the real world. Security, for Ana and the Grays, is increased after Christian finds out that its Jack who is after them. As the investigation continues, Christian starts to find out that he has more in common with jack then he realized. After Ana Red words in the playroom, Christian comes to explain to her that he needs to have some control. After Ana is told that she is changing, she realizes that she must stay who is was when she first meet Christian, for his sake. Ana has a secret of her own and must find the courage to tell Christian.

What I thought:

I definitely liked this book more then the second one. It did take me a little longer to read because I couldn’t get into it. It still has a bit of sex, but its only when they try something new. The book starts out when they are on honeymoon, and have flash backs to the wedding day.  As I said in my review of the second book, Jake was going to try and destroy both Christian and Ana. He is arrested, after trying to kidnap Ana at the apartment, wail Christian is away on business. Christian has his own privet investigator that find out that both Christian and Jack went to the same faster family. I in a way saw that coming, I felt the book was very predictable. This book also did a lot of jumping around. I think thats why a lot of people said it was a really bad written book. It would jump from 2-3 hours to 2 years later in the end.

In the book, Christian tells Ana that at one point he might want kids, but not anytime soon. Well Ana ends up pregnant, (who didn’t see that one coming) she ends up missing 4 appointments because of events that happen. Ana then moves to another bedroom after Christian disapproves of the pregnancy. After this Ana gets a call from Jack from Mias (Christians sister) cell phone. Jack ask for 5 mil dollars and wants it in 2 hours or he will kill Mia. Ana has to pretend to leave Christian so he could get the money and save Mia.

After this is all done, Ana ends up in the hospital and Christian is learning to except that Ana is Pregnant. He starts to tell Ana how the relationship with Elena started and how he ended up been who he was. Then they jump to about 3 years later to Ana been Pregnant with a 2nd child (a girl) and a son of 2 years old. Living Happy ever after in the new home that had gotten. One thing i did like was all the way at then end. E L James included short story about Christian, when he was a little boy spending Christmas with the Grays. Another story was when Christian meets Ana for the first time, but from his point of view. I really enjoyed that one.

Well that it for Fifty Shades

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Fifty Shades Darker by: E L James



Ana is trying to move on, keeping herself into her new job. Until Mr. Gray e-mails her to remind her of Jose’s photo show that is coming up. As Ana leaves her job to have a few drinks with her co-workers a young girl shows up at the exit looking pail. An ex-sub of Christian, who doesn’t understand why he wants Ana instead of her. Not knowing what she is capable of, Gray puts Ana on full protection. Not only dose Ana have this crazy ex out to get her, but also has her boss Jack after her. Christian trying to keep both an ex-sub and a boss away from Ana becomes a full time job. After everything seems to finally fall into place, Gray proposes to Ana. Then suddenly Gray goes missing after his helicopter didn’t make it back to seattle.


Ok so I didn’t enjoy this book as much as i did the first book. It did have its OMG moments, but I did at one point want to stop reading it. It has a LOT more sex in this book then in the first book. I mean how many times can you write different sex sean. Was getting kinda tired of it. It had sex twice in every chapter.To much for my liking.  In this book Gray proposes marriage to Ana and eventually Ana says yes. This all happens after they find the ex-sub as well as firing Jack for putting the moves on Ana. One thing i haven’t meant ion is that Gray buys Ana’s job SIP and thats how he is able to get Jack fired. But Jack isn’t going to sit in the sidelines and let his currier end that way. In the end you get the idea that he had something to do with the helicopter going, that Gray was in, going down. I don’t know what else to say, i wasn’t really into this book took me lest to read. Hope the 3rd is better.

I will be reading he last book, Fifty Shades Freed, I hope I’m able to finish it because as of right know I can’t really seem to get into it. Even if i don’t I will post what I thought of it.


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Fifty Shades of Gray by E L James


Fifty Shades is a book written by E L James. The main characters are Anastasia (Ana) Steele is a college student who is roommates with Katherine (Kate) Kavanagh who works for the school news paper, and Christian Gray a billionaire who is also a mayor benefactor of the university that Kate is attending.

Ana is soon to be a college graduate on her was to interview Mr. Gray after her roommate has fallen sick and can’t make it. Ana is in awe of Mr. Gray when she meets him, but embraced when with the question Kate has written for her to ask him. When the interview is over Ana couldn’t be happier to be out and going back home. But that wasn’t the last time Ana sees Mr. Gray. After a drunk call, Ana spends the night at Mr. Grays apartment. Mr. Gray could not resist and kisses Ana, everything changes after that. Ana starts to learn about Mr Gray and his dark secrets but not before signing a discloser agreement. Once Ana sings, Mr. Gray shows her his “Play room” so that she could decide if she wanted to be a part of his/this life.



Alright, I really had no interest to read this book. Everyone I know that has read it told me it was nothing but a written out porno. so i had no interest in reading it. After a friend told me more about  the book thats when i said “ok Ill give it a shot”. Well let me say it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be.. In the Book Ana is fighting with her self to see if this is a life she really wants. As she is deciding Gray is changing. Doing things with Ana that he has never done with his other “relationships”, such as sleep with her in the same bed after making love, meet his parents, fly her in a helicopter, etc… Gray wants to give her everything but still wants to have control. Gray slowly shows Ana what he wants and what he expects… slowly. But one day Ana ask Gray to show her how hard it was going to get and at that point Ana has to decide if she will stay with him.

I enjoyed reading the book very much, but one of the things was that it reminded me so much of Twilight.  I know that the author was inspired to write this book from the Twilight saga, but the first 5 chapters I felt like I was reading the books over again. The difference was different people and different locations. It also didn’t have a lot of sex, like I have heard it had. All in all it was a good book I enjoyed reading it and I am continuing to read book 2 Fifty Shades of Darker.


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Black Hills by: Nora Roberts


Black Hills is a book  written my Nora Roberts. The story takes place in South Dakota. The main characters are Coop sullivan, a young boy who has to find himself, and Lil Chance, a young girl who has a passion to save wild cats.

Coop was sent to South Dakota to spend a summer with his grandparents after his parents try to save a marriage that is falling apart. During his vacation Coop and Lil become good friends, who encounter a cougar. From that day on Lil knew she wanted to open a wild life refuge. As for Coop, he just wanted the love of his parents and for them to be proud of him. Years had passed and Coop came to visit before Lil went of to college. That summer they fell in love, and Lil gave her shelf to Coop. After several years apart, Coop new he had to let Lil go. So she could reach her dreams of opening a refuge for wild animals and for him to be able to find out what he was meant be.

After his Grandfather got hurt Coop came back to help his grandmother with the farm. Then things started to go wrong, someone was after Lil. They wanted to kill her, Coop would do anything to keep Lil safe and to earn her trust back. No matter how much Lil would push him away he would not give up till he had her love once more.


I really enjoyed this book, I got so into it in the first chapter that i had tears in my eyes when Coops character had a talk with his grandmother about his parents not loving him. when I started to read the book i thought it was going to be more about Coop but it fallows Lil’s life more. I think Nora Roberts made Coops character every girls dream, I mean who wouldn’t want a man to protect them from someone that is trying to kill you. At mid book you new who the killer was and his reasoning on why he was doing what he was doing. I got to say the ending was a bit of a disappointment. possibly because it all came to an end in the last chapter. I expected the hunt to be a little more OMG but really wasn’t. It was a little predictable and when i finished the book all I wanted to do was keep reading it… but it was all over. Nothing more to read. I definitely loved the book and hope you enjoy it as much as i did.


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