Black Hills by: Nora Roberts


Black Hills is a book  written my Nora Roberts. The story takes place in South Dakota. The main characters are Coop sullivan, a young boy who has to find himself, and Lil Chance, a young girl who has a passion to save wild cats.

Coop was sent to South Dakota to spend a summer with his grandparents after his parents try to save a marriage that is falling apart. During his vacation Coop and Lil become good friends, who encounter a cougar. From that day on Lil knew she wanted to open a wild life refuge. As for Coop, he just wanted the love of his parents and for them to be proud of him. Years had passed and Coop came to visit before Lil went of to college. That summer they fell in love, and Lil gave her shelf to Coop. After several years apart, Coop new he had to let Lil go. So she could reach her dreams of opening a refuge for wild animals and for him to be able to find out what he was meant be.

After his Grandfather got hurt Coop came back to help his grandmother with the farm. Then things started to go wrong, someone was after Lil. They wanted to kill her, Coop would do anything to keep Lil safe and to earn her trust back. No matter how much Lil would push him away he would not give up till he had her love once more.


I really enjoyed this book, I got so into it in the first chapter that i had tears in my eyes when Coops character had a talk with his grandmother about his parents not loving him. when I started to read the book i thought it was going to be more about Coop but it fallows Lil’s life more. I think Nora Roberts made Coops character every girls dream, I mean who wouldn’t want a man to protect them from someone that is trying to kill you. At mid book you new who the killer was and his reasoning on why he was doing what he was doing. I got to say the ending was a bit of a disappointment. possibly because it all came to an end in the last chapter. I expected the hunt to be a little more OMG but really wasn’t. It was a little predictable and when i finished the book all I wanted to do was keep reading it… but it was all over. Nothing more to read. I definitely loved the book and hope you enjoy it as much as i did.


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