Fifty Shades of Gray by E L James


Fifty Shades is a book written by E L James. The main characters are Anastasia (Ana) Steele is a college student who is roommates with Katherine (Kate) Kavanagh who works for the school news paper, and Christian Gray a billionaire who is also a mayor benefactor of the university that Kate is attending.

Ana is soon to be a college graduate on her was to interview Mr. Gray after her roommate has fallen sick and can’t make it. Ana is in awe of Mr. Gray when she meets him, but embraced when with the question Kate has written for her to ask him. When the interview is over Ana couldn’t be happier to be out and going back home. But that wasn’t the last time Ana sees Mr. Gray. After a drunk call, Ana spends the night at Mr. Grays apartment. Mr. Gray could not resist and kisses Ana, everything changes after that. Ana starts to learn about Mr Gray and his dark secrets but not before signing a discloser agreement. Once Ana sings, Mr. Gray shows her his “Play room” so that she could decide if she wanted to be a part of his/this life.



Alright, I really had no interest to read this book. Everyone I know that has read it told me it was nothing but a written out porno. so i had no interest in reading it. After a friend told me more about  the book thats when i said “ok Ill give it a shot”. Well let me say it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be.. In the Book Ana is fighting with her self to see if this is a life she really wants. As she is deciding Gray is changing. Doing things with Ana that he has never done with his other “relationships”, such as sleep with her in the same bed after making love, meet his parents, fly her in a helicopter, etc… Gray wants to give her everything but still wants to have control. Gray slowly shows Ana what he wants and what he expects… slowly. But one day Ana ask Gray to show her how hard it was going to get and at that point Ana has to decide if she will stay with him.

I enjoyed reading the book very much, but one of the things was that it reminded me so much of Twilight.  I know that the author was inspired to write this book from the Twilight saga, but the first 5 chapters I felt like I was reading the books over again. The difference was different people and different locations. It also didn’t have a lot of sex, like I have heard it had. All in all it was a good book I enjoyed reading it and I am continuing to read book 2 Fifty Shades of Darker.


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