Exuxtebce By: Abbi Glines




Pagan: Main Character

Dank:  Death , took the life of a rocker to be around Pagan

Miranda: Best Girl Friend

Wyatt: Pagans friend and Miranda boy friend

Leif: becomes Pagans boyfriend and comfort

Gee: Soul Transporter


Pagan could see lost souls that are lost, and waiting. Dank, A soul that is fallowing her and talking to her, something none of the other souls have ever done. But Dank is not a soul, he is Death,  and he has come to take Pagan. After seen who Pagan is, he refuses to take her life. He saves her from the crash she was meant to die in. Dank stays to protect Pagan from other Transporters who come to take her soul. To try and right the wrong he has done. But both Pagan and Dank fall in love , a love that can not be. Pagan finds comfort in Leif when she can’t be around Dank. Wail Dank has to face the consequences of the wrong he took to save Pagan. Wail Pagan also has to pick if she will live, and have Dank condemned to HELL. Or die so Dank can keep been Death.


I LOVE THIS BOOK!  I thought it was an amazing book. I am so happy it’s a trilogy. It was predictable but yet not all predictable. I did in fact did NOT predict the ending. “humans give up life when they can’t deal with the pain. it’s an easy escape for them. the sacrifice isn’t one of dying but of living” Dank page 402. When Pagan gives her life in order to save Dank from been condemned to hell, it was considered shellfish. After Gree told her it was best to return to her life, because Dank spent so much time to help her   keep her life as is, would be a better was to say thanks. Because Pagan chose to live, Dank was given the right to protect Pagan till she was done with her life. But first things first Pagan must end things with Leif. But it won’t be easy since he isn’t human.

This book brings out a lot of selfless things that people have seem to lost. We are turning into a world of greed but it shows that  REAL love always keeps us from just caring about ourselves. I loved this book and deffanetly recommend it big time. I can not wait to read the next book.


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Easy By: Tammara Webber


Jackie: Known as “J”

Kennedy: Jackies ex

Erin: J’s best friend

Lucas: Likes Jackie, saves her from Buck

Buck: wants Jackie


After 3 years of been with Kennedy, and fallowing him to his school of choice, he brakes it off with Jackie. Leaving her with retreats of not going to her school of choice. But someone else has his eyes on Jakie, Buck a friend of Kennedy wants her and trys to take advantage of her after she leaves a party alone. Lucas happens to be in the right place at the right time and saves Jackie. After not going to class for 2 weeks Jackie is told to get a tutor to help her catch up. Little did she now that Lucas and her e-mail only tutor are the same person. As Lucas and Jackies relationship grows, Buck becomes more heated. He wants Jackie and will not stop till he has her.


Another great book, could not put it down. Its a short story as well and enjoyable. A book dealing with a broken hart and how two different people fall in love . Jackie helps Lucas realize that his mothers death is not his felt. Just like Lucas tryes to show Jackie that what Buck is doing is not her felt. Both helping each other to believe in themselves. I recommend this book. I so fell in love with Lucas character. A few tiers came out but I believe thats what makes a book great. Been able to get into it so much that it hurts you to see characters be hurt.  Enjoy


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Point of Retreat By: Colleen Hoover


Layken: falls in love with all

Kel: Lakes younger brother

Will: 21, teacher, takes care of caulker

Caulder: Wills younger brother

Sherry: new neighbor, mother of Kiersten
Kiersten: Kel, Caulders new friend and neighbor
Vaughn: Wills ex
This book it the second book to Slammed. Now from reading the first book you know that Layken’s mother dies of cancer and Lake is left taking care of Kel. Lake and Wills relationship grows but as it grows they much learn that all relationships have bumps. When Vaughn ends up in Wills class, Will decides its best not to tell Lake. Until one weekend that Lake walks in on Will and Vaughn hugging in his bedroom, Lake wants nothing more. When Lake finally forgives Will, a big tragedy hits. Lake is taken to surgery to save her life. As Kel wonders what will happen to him if she doesn’t survive.
 This book its just like the first. I was not able to put it down and also read it in less then 24 hours. This book also brought tiers to my eyes seen both of them struggle. One thing I liked was that this book was written in Wills point of view. When the first was written in Laykens point of view. Great book enjoyed every minute of it.
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Slammed By: Coleen Hoover


Layken: falls in love with Will

Kel: Lakes younger brother

Julia: mother of Lake and Kel

Will: 21, teacher, takes care of Caulder

Caulder: Wills younger brother


Lake, Kel, and Julia move from Texas to Ypsilanti Michigan, after the death of there dad. When they move to the new place Lake meets Will a 21 year old who lost both of his parents and is now raising his younger brother. Will waist no time asking Lake out on a date, but little did they now that the relationship they wanted could not happen. After finding out that Will is teacher at the high school Lake is attending, Will separates himself away from Lake. Like Julia asked both of them to do. But its not easy when both younger brothers are best friends. As they finally start to except that they couldn’t be together, Julia reviles a secret she has been holding for years. Will helps Layken prepare for what is coming her way.


I really enjoyed this book a lot. Even though it was a predictable book, you still get so into it and all you want to do is keep reading. I finished reading this book in less then 24 hours. It’s a really simple easy read. I cried wail reading this book. I will not give much more away about this book just because its a short read. enjoy


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The Night Circus By: Erin Morgenstern



Marco: Alexanders student, player #1, Chandresh assistant

Celia: Hectors student/daughter,  player #2

Hector: aka Prospero the Enchanter, father of Celia, had part in building the circus

Alexander: aka man in gray sute, Marcos teacher, adopts Marco to play the game

Isobel: Marcos first love interest, reads the cards at the circus

Ethan W. Barris: had part in building the circus

Widget: Poppets Twin, can see the past, performer at the circus,

Poppet: Widgets twin, can see whats coming, performer at the circus

Bailey: friend of Poppet and Widget, becomes owner of the circus

Chandresh: created of the circus

Mme. Ana Padva: had part in building the circus

Tara and Lainie: had part in building the circus


This book is about two contestants, Celia and Marco. Both who are magicians, who are bound for this challenge (game) that Hector and Alexander play. When Hector finds out that he has a daughter he doesn’t hesitate to enter her in this game. Marco on the the other hand was adopted by Alexander to play the game. Both raised in deferent ways to prepare for the challenge that awaits them. Marco becomes Chandresh assistant, wail Celia becomes the illusionist for the circus. Both have a bond to the Circus, If anything happened to one of them the circus would fall apart. For 13 years the circus has gone smoothly, both players making moves keeping the game even. One thing they didn’t count on was falling in love with each other. What makes it even harder, is when they find out that the game is over when only one of them is left standing. Before Marco and Celia can let go of the circus they must find someone to hold it together and everyone inside of it.

Bailey is dared to go  sneak into the circus during the day. as he is walking around trying to find something to take with him as proof that he was indeed at the circus he finds himself with Poppet a read hear girl. When the circus leaves and comes back again Bailey is on a mission to find the girl he meet the last time the circus was in town.  Bailey, Poppet and Widget become friends, But something is changing within the circus and Poppet knows Bailey must run away with the circus. Not knowing why, Poppet as Bailey to come with them. Now Bailey must make a decide to stay and run the family farm or go with the circus.


This book is really really long. At first it was hard for me to understand the book. The writer jumps from past to present back to past and so on. For me at least it was hard to keep track of what happened first and what happened after. It was a good enjoyable book but I felt like it was never going to end. Within the book, Erin Morgenstern, puts little passages as if you, the reader, saw this circus. A readers point of view if you would say so. She also puts in Quotes from Characters in the book. When I was about half way into the book I started to skip both the quotes and point of views. I found them kinda unnecessary. At first you don’t understand why she is making two stores. To me it felt kinda pointless to have a story about a boy who becomes friends with two characters but torts the end you realize that it all comes together. One thing i did like was that it was not predictable, I believed that Celia was going to end the game by killing herself, but found another way. A way that neither of them would die nor would they be a live. All in all it was a good book, i enjoyed it but it took me longer to read than i was expecting it to. I should also mention that it is a novel  and its a little over 500 pages.

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The Last Boyfriend By: Nora Roberts




All right, this is the second book to the Inn Boons Boro. This time its Owen and Avery’s turn to fall in love. Growing up Avery always liked Owen as more then just a friend. She would always say she was going to marry him when they got older. As they grew they always had this close friendship. Own grew up protecting Avery from harm, and at one point gave her a pretend engagement ring, but never saw her as much. As they give a relationship a chance, Avery needs to learn that she is not her mother, and Owen needs to show her so.


I enjoyed this book, one thing this book doesn’t have is a bad person. Unless you count Avery’s mom who comes back after leaving her and her father. This book is about how Avery is scared to fall in love, she feels that she will do what her mother did and walk out. When they start a relationship they both are happy it just been that, a relationship. When Beck  and Clare say ” I DO” Owen realizes that he wants Avery the same way. But Avery backtracks  it when she tells Owen that people who get married beed a back bone. Avery is a person who always trays to fix and deal with her problems on her own. Owen trays to show her that when people are in a relationship its not just one persons problem. Owen at the end makes her realize that its OK, and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

I really like how Nora Roberts writes her books. You have first book that starts a story and the second book that continues the story, but with different characters. In this book she includes things about Becket and Clare, who have gotten married and are expecting twin boys. She also includes little teas for the next book at the end. As well as the during the book, such as, Ry and Hope kissing at midnight at Owens New Years Eve party. Thats also the same night Owen and Avery start a relationship by sleeping with each other. This book was an easy read, I did enjoy it very much and can not wait for the 3rd book to come out in November.

The Perfect Hope (book 3) is expected out on November 6 2012

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1.Night Circus By: Erin Morgenstern

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The Next Always By: Nora Roberts


Becket: Brother #1, loves Clare

Owen :Brother #2

Ryder: Brother #3

Clare: Becks love interest, mother of 3 boys, Married and widowed, book store owner

Clint: Clare’s diseased husband

Avery: Clare’s best friend #1, Pizza place owner

Hope: Clare’s best friend #2, new innkeeper for the BoonsBoro Inn

Sam Freemont: rich, wants Clare, crazy



Clare is a mother of 3 boys; Harry, Lian and Murphy. She moves back to her home town after losing her husband Clint. Becket is one of three brothers who is working on the Inn, to repair it and re open it. When Beck gives Clare a tour of the Inn, they had a moment that neither of them could push aside. As feelings grow between them, Sam’s jealousy gets more intense. Same has had enough, He has got to do something about Clear’s “teasing”.


I really liked reading this book a lot. Becket is one of 3 brothers who works in the family business. He saw the girl he liked get married and move away with a friend of his. Clair moves back into town, after she looses her husband to the war, so she could have help raising her boys.  Becket gives Clair a tour of the Inn, since she asked for one. When he is showing her the rooms, they have a moment when they almost kissed. Thats when things changed, Becket put space between them so that what happened passed. That moment they had was the beginning of everything and never passed. It’s a great love story, the girl that got away, came back to fell in love again. Bucket helps her out by taking care of the kids when Clair’s babysitter isn’t able to. The first date they have is canceled when 1 on the kids gets sick and Bucket stays to help out instead of running away. You have a time when Clair gets angry because she is always getting Buckets help to fix and do things for her. She is worried to rely on a guy to help her do what she has been managing on her own for so long. Then you have Sam, the other man that wants Clair. But his intensions are different then Buckets. Sam wants Clair to marry him, send her 3 boys to boarding school, and wants to tell Clair what she can and can’t wear. After Bucket gives Sam a warning to stay away, Sam thinks of a plan to kidnap Clair.

You also have a lot of reality in this book. A single mother, who cares about her kids, who come first to her. She doesn’t think about dating because she doesn’t believe she has time, or finding someone who will take all 4 of them in. This situation happens in real life, you get a lot of single moms who don’t have time to date or have the time to but no man that will take on another mans children. I completely fell in love with this book. Yes predictable but unless its a mystery book, most books are predictable. But to read a love story, that had the main character end up with the one he loved. I can’t wait to read the second book to this trilogy.

Next in line to read:

1.The Last Boyfriend By Nora Roberts, Book 2 f the Inn Boonsoboro Trilogy

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