The Next Always By: Nora Roberts


Becket: Brother #1, loves Clare

Owen :Brother #2

Ryder: Brother #3

Clare: Becks love interest, mother of 3 boys, Married and widowed, book store owner

Clint: Clare’s diseased husband

Avery: Clare’s best friend #1, Pizza place owner

Hope: Clare’s best friend #2, new innkeeper for the BoonsBoro Inn

Sam Freemont: rich, wants Clare, crazy



Clare is a mother of 3 boys; Harry, Lian and Murphy. She moves back to her home town after losing her husband Clint. Becket is one of three brothers who is working on the Inn, to repair it and re open it. When Beck gives Clare a tour of the Inn, they had a moment that neither of them could push aside. As feelings grow between them, Sam’s jealousy gets more intense. Same has had enough, He has got to do something about Clear’s “teasing”.


I really liked reading this book a lot. Becket is one of 3 brothers who works in the family business. He saw the girl he liked get married and move away with a friend of his. Clair moves back into town, after she looses her husband to the war, so she could have help raising her boys.  Becket gives Clair a tour of the Inn, since she asked for one. When he is showing her the rooms, they have a moment when they almost kissed. Thats when things changed, Becket put space between them so that what happened passed. That moment they had was the beginning of everything and never passed. It’s a great love story, the girl that got away, came back to fell in love again. Bucket helps her out by taking care of the kids when Clair’s babysitter isn’t able to. The first date they have is canceled when 1 on the kids gets sick and Bucket stays to help out instead of running away. You have a time when Clair gets angry because she is always getting Buckets help to fix and do things for her. She is worried to rely on a guy to help her do what she has been managing on her own for so long. Then you have Sam, the other man that wants Clair. But his intensions are different then Buckets. Sam wants Clair to marry him, send her 3 boys to boarding school, and wants to tell Clair what she can and can’t wear. After Bucket gives Sam a warning to stay away, Sam thinks of a plan to kidnap Clair.

You also have a lot of reality in this book. A single mother, who cares about her kids, who come first to her. She doesn’t think about dating because she doesn’t believe she has time, or finding someone who will take all 4 of them in. This situation happens in real life, you get a lot of single moms who don’t have time to date or have the time to but no man that will take on another mans children. I completely fell in love with this book. Yes predictable but unless its a mystery book, most books are predictable. But to read a love story, that had the main character end up with the one he loved. I can’t wait to read the second book to this trilogy.

Next in line to read:

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