The Last Boyfriend By: Nora Roberts




All right, this is the second book to the Inn Boons Boro. This time its Owen and Avery’s turn to fall in love. Growing up Avery always liked Owen as more then just a friend. She would always say she was going to marry him when they got older. As they grew they always had this close friendship. Own grew up protecting Avery from harm, and at one point gave her a pretend engagement ring, but never saw her as much. As they give a relationship a chance, Avery needs to learn that she is not her mother, and Owen needs to show her so.


I enjoyed this book, one thing this book doesn’t have is a bad person. Unless you count Avery’s mom who comes back after leaving her and her father. This book is about how Avery is scared to fall in love, she feels that she will do what her mother did and walk out. When they start a relationship they both are happy it just been that, a relationship. When Beck  and Clare say ” I DO” Owen realizes that he wants Avery the same way. But Avery backtracks  it when she tells Owen that people who get married beed a back bone. Avery is a person who always trays to fix and deal with her problems on her own. Owen trays to show her that when people are in a relationship its not just one persons problem. Owen at the end makes her realize that its OK, and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

I really like how Nora Roberts writes her books. You have first book that starts a story and the second book that continues the story, but with different characters. In this book she includes things about Becket and Clare, who have gotten married and are expecting twin boys. She also includes little teas for the next book at the end. As well as the during the book, such as, Ry and Hope kissing at midnight at Owens New Years Eve party. Thats also the same night Owen and Avery start a relationship by sleeping with each other. This book was an easy read, I did enjoy it very much and can not wait for the 3rd book to come out in November.

The Perfect Hope (book 3) is expected out on November 6 2012

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