The Night Circus By: Erin Morgenstern



Marco: Alexanders student, player #1, Chandresh assistant

Celia: Hectors student/daughter,  player #2

Hector: aka Prospero the Enchanter, father of Celia, had part in building the circus

Alexander: aka man in gray sute, Marcos teacher, adopts Marco to play the game

Isobel: Marcos first love interest, reads the cards at the circus

Ethan W. Barris: had part in building the circus

Widget: Poppets Twin, can see the past, performer at the circus,

Poppet: Widgets twin, can see whats coming, performer at the circus

Bailey: friend of Poppet and Widget, becomes owner of the circus

Chandresh: created of the circus

Mme. Ana Padva: had part in building the circus

Tara and Lainie: had part in building the circus


This book is about two contestants, Celia and Marco. Both who are magicians, who are bound for this challenge (game) that Hector and Alexander play. When Hector finds out that he has a daughter he doesn’t hesitate to enter her in this game. Marco on the the other hand was adopted by Alexander to play the game. Both raised in deferent ways to prepare for the challenge that awaits them. Marco becomes Chandresh assistant, wail Celia becomes the illusionist for the circus. Both have a bond to the Circus, If anything happened to one of them the circus would fall apart. For 13 years the circus has gone smoothly, both players making moves keeping the game even. One thing they didn’t count on was falling in love with each other. What makes it even harder, is when they find out that the game is over when only one of them is left standing. Before Marco and Celia can let go of the circus they must find someone to hold it together and everyone inside of it.

Bailey is dared to go  sneak into the circus during the day. as he is walking around trying to find something to take with him as proof that he was indeed at the circus he finds himself with Poppet a read hear girl. When the circus leaves and comes back again Bailey is on a mission to find the girl he meet the last time the circus was in town.  Bailey, Poppet and Widget become friends, But something is changing within the circus and Poppet knows Bailey must run away with the circus. Not knowing why, Poppet as Bailey to come with them. Now Bailey must make a decide to stay and run the family farm or go with the circus.


This book is really really long. At first it was hard for me to understand the book. The writer jumps from past to present back to past and so on. For me at least it was hard to keep track of what happened first and what happened after. It was a good enjoyable book but I felt like it was never going to end. Within the book, Erin Morgenstern, puts little passages as if you, the reader, saw this circus. A readers point of view if you would say so. She also puts in Quotes from Characters in the book. When I was about half way into the book I started to skip both the quotes and point of views. I found them kinda unnecessary. At first you don’t understand why she is making two stores. To me it felt kinda pointless to have a story about a boy who becomes friends with two characters but torts the end you realize that it all comes together. One thing i did like was that it was not predictable, I believed that Celia was going to end the game by killing herself, but found another way. A way that neither of them would die nor would they be a live. All in all it was a good book, i enjoyed it but it took me longer to read than i was expecting it to. I should also mention that it is a novel  and its a little over 500 pages.

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