Easy By: Tammara Webber


Jackie: Known as “J”

Kennedy: Jackies ex

Erin: J’s best friend

Lucas: Likes Jackie, saves her from Buck

Buck: wants Jackie


After 3 years of been with Kennedy, and fallowing him to his school of choice, he brakes it off with Jackie. Leaving her with retreats of not going to her school of choice. But someone else has his eyes on Jakie, Buck a friend of Kennedy wants her and trys to take advantage of her after she leaves a party alone. Lucas happens to be in the right place at the right time and saves Jackie. After not going to class for 2 weeks Jackie is told to get a tutor to help her catch up. Little did she now that Lucas and her e-mail only tutor are the same person. As Lucas and Jackies relationship grows, Buck becomes more heated. He wants Jackie and will not stop till he has her.


Another great book, could not put it down. Its a short story as well and enjoyable. A book dealing with a broken hart and how two different people fall in love . Jackie helps Lucas realize that his mothers death is not his felt. Just like Lucas tryes to show Jackie that what Buck is doing is not her felt. Both helping each other to believe in themselves. I recommend this book. I so fell in love with Lucas character. A few tiers came out but I believe thats what makes a book great. Been able to get into it so much that it hurts you to see characters be hurt.  Enjoy


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