Exuxtebce By: Abbi Glines




Pagan: Main Character

Dank:  Death , took the life of a rocker to be around Pagan

Miranda: Best Girl Friend

Wyatt: Pagans friend and Miranda boy friend

Leif: becomes Pagans boyfriend and comfort

Gee: Soul Transporter


Pagan could see lost souls that are lost, and waiting. Dank, A soul that is fallowing her and talking to her, something none of the other souls have ever done. But Dank is not a soul, he is Death,  and he has come to take Pagan. After seen who Pagan is, he refuses to take her life. He saves her from the crash she was meant to die in. Dank stays to protect Pagan from other Transporters who come to take her soul. To try and right the wrong he has done. But both Pagan and Dank fall in love , a love that can not be. Pagan finds comfort in Leif when she can’t be around Dank. Wail Dank has to face the consequences of the wrong he took to save Pagan. Wail Pagan also has to pick if she will live, and have Dank condemned to HELL. Or die so Dank can keep been Death.


I LOVE THIS BOOK!  I thought it was an amazing book. I am so happy it’s a trilogy. It was predictable but yet not all predictable. I did in fact did NOT predict the ending. “humans give up life when they can’t deal with the pain. it’s an easy escape for them. the sacrifice isn’t one of dying but of living” Dank page 402. When Pagan gives her life in order to save Dank from been condemned to hell, it was considered shellfish. After Gree told her it was best to return to her life, because Dank spent so much time to help her   keep her life as is, would be a better was to say thanks. Because Pagan chose to live, Dank was given the right to protect Pagan till she was done with her life. But first things first Pagan must end things with Leif. But it won’t be easy since he isn’t human.

This book brings out a lot of selfless things that people have seem to lost. We are turning into a world of greed but it shows that  REAL love always keeps us from just caring about ourselves. I loved this book and deffanetly recommend it big time. I can not wait to read the next book.


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