Predestined By: Abbi Glines




Pagan: Main Character

Dank:  Death , took the life of a rocker to be around Pagan

Jay: Pagans ex, moved away for college

Miranda: Best Girl Friend

Wyatt: Pagans friend and Miranda boy friend

Leif: prince of the dead, Pagans ex from book 1

Ghede: voodoo lord, Leif father

Gee: Soul Transporter


Leif isn’t human but the prince of the dead who came into Pagans life to win her over so she would exempt him when she died. When Pagan was little, she was dieting. Her mother became desperate and went to an old woman who did voodoo, asked her for help to save Pagans life. Not realizing that when she said she would do anything, she was giving Pagans soul to Leif. A life for a life. Pagan was to die in the car crash and her soul was so posed to go to Ghede. When Pagan learns that Wyatt death was not an accident, but Ghede way to make her choose Leif. Afraid for the lives of the people she loves, she has no choice but to go with Leif.


once again I loved this book. I love to read trilogies. This book you learn that Leif wasn’t just another class mate he was protecting Pagan all through her life. Making her smile when she was sad, lifting her up when she fell, because he picked her to be his mat after she died. He can to be at her side so when she died she wouldn’t be afraid. You have the boy who wants the girl and the boy who gets the girl. Now when I read other reviews of this book they all made it seem like Leif was a bad guy, but thats not the case, at least not for me. Dank is always telling Pagan to stay away that he is dangerous, but Leif has never come out to be that way. He spends most of the book trying to prove to Pagan that he isn’t bad or “his father” as he puts it. He douse look like a wimp, running away every time death came around. Lets admit it, who isn’t scared of death. I really enjoyed the book very much, and can not wait for the 3rd book to come out. Most definitely on of my top books to read.

Ceaseless Last book Expected publication: September 18th 2012

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