The Guardian By: Katie Klein

                                                               Book 1 of the Guardians 



Genesis: Main character, gets visions, is wanted by the Diabols, wanted by the Guardians to stop bad from happening.

Seth: Genesis guardian, falls for Genesis, wants to keep her away from the guardians

Carter: Genesis ex-boyfriend, was in car accident with Genesis before she started to have her visions

Selena: wants Carter, hates Genesis because she isn’t one of them (rich), changes mind when Genesis tries to save her from a car accident

Viola: one mean Diabols, she is sort of a leader

Stu: cook at Genesis job, friend,

Arsen: surfer, wants Genesis, a Diabols

Ernie: Genesis boss

Joshua: A guardian on probation, following Seth around, keeps Genesis informed


Genesis moves around a lot, once her mother falls apart after a relationship they pick up and move. After been in an accident, Genesis starts to see Seth. He shows himself to her wanting more then just to be a guardian. Seth is not excepting the fact that Genesis has decided to help the guardians to stop diabols from doing harm to others. Because of the decision that Genesis picked she lost a dear friend in the process


This book reminded me a lot of the Providence and Exixtence trilogy. I enjoyed reading this book. My only problem with this book was that it didn’t really have a lot of OMG moments. Lots of talking and no real action. You get an idea who are the bad guys before you get to the end of the book. I will finish this trilogy till the end. I am a little sad that the one character that i did like was killed off at the end. He gave me a few laughs. Here is to hoping that the next two books are better then the first one. Enjoy!

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