Revelation By: Katie Klein

  Book 3 of the Guardians




Genesis: Main character, gets visions, is wanted by the Diabols, wanted by the Guardians to stop bad from happening.

Seth: Genesis guardian, falls for Genesis, wants to keep her away from the guardians

Carter: Genesis ex-boyfriend, was in car accident with Genesis before she started to have her visions

Selena: wants Carter, hates Genesis because she isn’t one of them (rich), changes mind when Genesis tries to save her from a car accident

Viola: one mean Diabols, she is sort of a leader

Mara: a guardian worrier

Stu: cook at Genesis job, friend,

Arsen: surfer, wants Genesis, a Diabols

Ernie: Genesis boss

Joshua: A guardian on probation, following Seth around, keeps Genesis informed

Luke: most powerful diabols,

Silas: is part of the guardian council


Genesis and Carter pack up and leave town, in fear that the police is after Genesis. Carter proposes marriage to Genesis, to keep a promise to Seth to take care of Genesis. The only way he know how to, by leaving everything he owns to her, and just like that he is gone. Now Viola isn’t the only one that wants something in return, the council comes to Genesis for a favor. In reword she gets Seth back as a guardian. She believes its a win win situation, all she has to do is kill Luke. But as she tries to find out Lukes weakness, she finds herself falling for him. Luke is also falling for Genesis, but this is not a good thing. Once Genesis is branded with his mark, the council now has to kill Genesis. Then Genesis finds out the truth about everything. Why Viola is really after her? Who was behind her visions? Why she was really sent to kill Luke? She was never set to win but to fail.


I have to say this was the best book of all 3 books. I loved the ending. Once i got past the first 300 pages the book remained really good. Started to read about 930pm and finished it about 330 am… I could not stop reading this book. I gess it was a good thing i couldn’t sleep. Just when you think you know what is going to happen, you change direction and then you do it again. I really liked the last book, its a lot more intense then the first two books.I don’t want to say i recommend this trilogy, but i don’t want to say that i don’t recommend it.

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