Verdetta By: Katie Klein

  Book 2 of the Guardians



Genesis: Main character, gets visions, is wanted by the Diabols, wanted by the Guardians to stop bad from happening.

Seth: Genesis guardian, falls for Genesis, wants to keep her away from the guardians

Carter: Genesis ex-boyfriend, was in car accident with Genesis before she started to have her visions

Selena: wants Carter, hates Genesis because she isn’t one of them (rich), changes mind when Genesis tries to save her from a car accident

Viola: one mean Diabols, she is sort of a leader

Mara: a guardian worrier

Stu: cook at Genesis job, friend,

Arsen: surfer, wants Genesis, a Diabols

Joshua: A guardian on probation, following Seth around, keeps Genesis informed


After Viola killed Stu, all Genesis wants it to avenge his death. When the guardian council finds out, they send Maria. Maria been a guardian worrier is set to train Genesis to a fight agents Viola. As Genesis trains, Viola doesn’t sit and do nothing. She “fixes” things Genesis has changed. Selena dead, the little boy who called her an angel, dead. Genesis starts to crack, her visions aren’t helping. The last thing she expected was for Viola to get Seth. Now Genesis must make a promise to Viola in return for Seth’s freedom. But not only has she lost Seth, the council has also called back all the protection she once had. Leaving her with only Carter for help.


This book is boring, it was a lot like the first book. Nothing good really happens until the end. Most of the book is about her training, learning the weakness of the Diabols. As i sat here trying to find out what to say about the book, I kinda forgot what I read. To me thats not a real good thing in a book. This book is a good read not the best.


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