Beautiful Disaster By:Jamie McGuire

Beautiful, Book 1



Abby: Main character, 19 years old, aka Pigeon

America: Abbys best friend

Shepley: Americas boyfriend, Abbys friend

Travis: Bad boy, Shepleys cousin, player


Abby went off to college to get away from her past. America her best friend fallowed her to the college of her choice to be able to keep an eye on her. America got into a relationship with Shepley, one day they went to his cousins under grown fight. Abby meets Travis and everything she worked hart to get away from comes back to her. Now Abby must decide if this is what she wants for the rest of her life.


I was so exited to read this book because it was written by Jamie McGuire, same author of Providence. One thing about this book, is that the story line has been told so many times. The shy girl meets the bad boy, bad boy changes to get her to be with him. That to me was a little disappointing. But as you read the book you find out that Abby isn’t this sweet girl, she came out to be at the beginning of the book. As her past with mobsters starts to show, you realist who she really is. I recommend this book, because it is a good book. I cant wait till walking Disaster comes out. Its the same book told in Travis point of view. I believe that that book will be a great book. I have given this book a 4 out of 5 stars in just because of the story line told so many times.

Walking Disaster comes out April 16,2013

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