Shatter Me By: Taherh Mafi

Shatter Me, Book 1 of 3



Juliette- main character, can not be touched, put in an asylum to protect others from her

Adam-  a solder, falls for Juliette, is the only one that can touch her

Warner- leader of sector 45, wants to use Juliette as a weapon

James- Adams younger brother

Kenji- Adams under cover solder friend, part of the Omega Point

*The Reestablishment- bad guys

*Omega Point- good guys, under ground


Juliette is keept away from everyone. Everyone is told not to be around her. Her parents don’t want her. She is a danger to everyone. One touch and she will kill you. At 14 years old, Juliette was taken away and put into an asylum. She spends her time counting seconds, minutes, hours, days. Until one day she is told that she will be getting a roommate, Adam. One thing Juliette didn’t expect was that Adam was a former class mate of hers. Juliette is then taken form the asylum and into the Reestablishment, learns that Adam is a solder sent to the asylum to make sure she didn’t go insane. They want her, but only to hurt people. Something she always refused to do. Once alone, Adam makes it clear that he want to get out. Now Juliette and Adam must find a way to get out alive.


OMG! this book was amazing! I wasn’t really sure about it in the beginning, I kinda felt like it was going to drag on and on and on.  That and the way it is written, the story is told from Juliettes point of view.There was a lot of use of strikethroughs. What Mafi did was, have Juliettes thoughts be crossed out. Just like this. Let show you how annoying that is. Dont get me wrong it was different but its also a pain, in the you know what, to keep reading something that is crossed out like this. Another thing that annoyed me was that she had a lot of repetition. Almost as in making it seam that Juliette was starting to loose it wail she was in the asylum. Good part of it was that as the book went on it showed less and less of both of this annoying things. This book also reminded me a lot of the X-men. Because in the end The Omega Point was like a school. who had a bunch of special power people, learning to use the special powers they have. With that said I recommend this book its an amazing book. I gave it a 4 out of 5 starts on Goodreads because of the two annoying things that I found. This book made my Top To Read list.

Destroy Me: book 1.5 will be out on Oct. 2,2012

Unravel Me: book 2 will be out Feb. 5, 2013

Untitled: book 3 will be out  nov 13 2013

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