A Neighbor From Hell, Book 1 & 2, By: R. L. Mathewson

Book 1: Playing for Keeps, A Neighbor from Hell


Haley: nerd girl next door, quite, shy

Jason: bad boy next door, eats a lot, loud

Brad and Mitch: friends of Jason

Jared: Jasons father

Magan: Jasons mother

About the book: 

Haley is someone who never stands up for herself. She takes everything that is given to her from her family, friends even her neighbor Jason. But one day, when Haley sees Jason destroying her flowers. She decides she has had enough. Little did they know they would become best friends. But will the playboy next door be able to keep his little nerdy neighbor happy, or will he mess everything up.

My thoughts:

I got to say, this is a very funny book. I had by pasted a lot of times in my nook shop because of the cover. I thought it was another Fifty Shades wanna be book. But one day i was on goodreads.com and found it under a different cover, read the description and wanted to read the book. When I found the book on my nook I found it under this cover. Got to say it made me rethink about reading it. I still took the chance. I got to say I’m glade i took that chance. I found it to be a really funny and could not stop reading it. I don’t highly recommend it but it’s a good read. I would say its a fun read, and recommend it as a fun read.

Book 2: Perfection, A Neighbor from Hell


Zoe: plus size girl, lost job, grew up in faster homes,

Trevor: Zoe landlord,

Jared: Trevors uncle

Jason: Trevors cousin

Haley: Jasons wife

About the book: 

Zoe lost her job, her car broke down, and must now look for a new place to live. Since she wont be able to pay her rent. After having a bad day, the last thing she needed was to have her neighbor take her food order for himself. That been the last straw, Zoe finally gives Trevor a peace of her mind. Once Trevor new how he really was he tried to be a little more friendly. In his own way. But when Treavor learns that his little neighbor  hasn’t had sex for five ears, he proposes an arrangement with her. A no relationship, just sex deal. Then Trevor realizes that he has always wanted more then a friend with benefits. But will it be to late to make Zoe see that he wants more then just sex.

My thoughts:

This is another funny book. When I got this book, I thought it was a continue from the first book. It turned out that it was not, but it was about Jason’s cousin Trevor. Now both books are are same. They are neighbors and fall in love with ought wanting/expecting to. And to a girl that they didn’t expect to ever be attracted to. I say this is another fun read.

A Neighbor from Hell, Book 3 coming this fall

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