Watched By: Cindy M. Hogan


Christy: main character, wants to change her image aka become popular.

Marybeth: part of Christy group

Alex: part of Christy group

Rick: part of Christy group

Kira:part of Christy group

Summer: part of Christy group

Josh:part of Christy group

Eugene: part of Christy group


Christy is on a trip to the capital, when she is invited to sneak out of the hotel room and have fun. Christy wanting to change herself to someone better went out with them. When mother nature calls the group goes into another hotel room to use the bathroom, little did they now that a murder was taking place. As they try to get back to the hotel they realize they are been flowed.  Now they must lose the man ordered the kill wail making sure they don’t get caught sneaking out.


Ok so it took me a few days to find a book to read. This book was recommended by, based on other books I have read. It has a 4 star rating, both on Goodreads and the Nook shop, so i gave it a try. I have been reading this book for the past 3 days, and still havent read 100 pages. I don’t know why but i cant seem to get into this book. I feel like im back in high school reading this book. It must be the whole “I have to change so people like me” thing. I know its just a book but still. I say this is a book to pass. I will read other books and come back to this one and see if i can finish it. But as of right now I will stop reading it.


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