Young Love Murder By: April Brookshire



” Most of the time, other bad guys hire me to take out a target. Competition in the criminal world can be ruthless. On the other hand, sometimes it’s hard for ‘by the book’ government agencies to take down men like this because they have to follow the pesky laws the criminal element choose to ignore. can’t have the FBI or Interpol offing any person they suspect of committing murder and mayhem.”


Annabelle: Assassen, Sent to kill Xavier, Annie

Jackson: Annies brother.

Uncle Simon: Takes the hit “orders”

Brent: Assassen, Friend of jackson and Annie

Porky: Nerd, cleans up after the assassins

Gabriel Sanchez: 17 years old Xavier’s son

Max Garcia: 17 years ild, Gabriels cousin

Xavier Sanchez: murderer, drug lord,

Lucy Garcia: Max mother, Xavier’s business partner

About the book:

Annabelle is sent on another assiment, to kill Xavier Sanchez. She is to use Max and Gabriel to get to him. When she shares a kiss with Gabriel, Both feel a connection. Annie knows that its a problem and tries to get close to Max instead. But its useless. When she finally got the chance to kill Xavier, she gets cold feet. But at the second chance she gets she must take it, But she didn’t expect was for Gabriel to walk in wail she was trying to kill his father. She must do what she must do, She killed Xavier in front of Gabriel. Now Gabriel is on the hunt to find Annabelle and kill her. But will the love they have over come this anger inside of Gabriel, or will be really kill Annabelle?

My thoughts:

I liked reading this book, it had a lot of unexpected parts. One thing i did not like was that we had a lot of repetition and repetition and more repetition.  That made me a little annoyed because it almost just felt like she was trying to make the story longer. I also found myself skimming a lot when I was reading this book.  I have given this book a 3 out of 5 stars on good reads. I do know that a second book is coming out. At the end of this book they had Jackson talking saying he would not fall in love ever. So i take it the next book is about Jacksons love story. One thing that was also wrong is that the author has that the second book will be out winter 2011/2012, in the book, and right know has it set out for 2013. And no its not out yet. I think I will read the second book just because i like Jackson’s character. Enjoy!


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