Cold Kiss By: Amy Garvey


“We were completely different. Danny was tall, sweet, graceful despite legs that went on forever. I was little, moody, uncoordinated. We didn’t like the same music or the same movies. He put onions and mushrooms on his pizza and never wore socks and could sleep through a pipe bomb. I survived on bananas and yogurt and always wore hats and got carsick unless I chewed gum with my headphones on. It didn’t matter. I loved him. ”


Wren: witch, brings Danny back to life

Danny: Wren boyfriend that died in a car crash, first love

Gabriel: new kid in town, can see into peoples minds, helps Wren


Wren cant let go of the love that she has lost. All she wants it to have him back. to feel him once again. Learning how to use her powers, she puts them to the ultimate test. Bringing her first love back to life. After bringing Danny back to the living, Wren takes him to live in her neighbors loft. But every day it gets harder for Wren to control Dannys curiosity. When Wren is lost, Gabriel comes in to help. Helping Wren see that it is possible to move on after losing a loved one. As well as strength to do the right thing and let Danny rest in peace.


This book was a good read, it really didn’t have much to it. It was more about coming to realization that we can move on from a death. When your young and in love, and that loved one dies it feels like your hole world is at an end. I have given this book a 3 out of 5 stars on  I do want to read the second book to this series, Glass Heart, that just came out. I don’t believe its worth 10$ to read. Thats one reason I have not read it yet. I would say this was a good book to read to pass by time.


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