Destroy Me By: Tehereh Mafi

“The life I know is the only one that matters. The suffocation, the luxury, the sleepless nights, and the dead bodies. I’ve always been taught to focus on power and pain, gaining and infliction.”




Juliette- main character, can not be touched, put in an asylum to protect others from her

Adam-  a solder, falls for Juliette, is the only one that can touch her

Warner- leader of sector 45, wants to use Juliette as a weapon

Kenji- Adams under cover solder friend, part of the Omega Point

*The Reestablishment- bad guys

*Omega Point- good guys, under ground

About the book:

Warner is hurt, he has been shot. Word has gotten out to all his solders, but worst of all… his father. Know his father has made it clear that Juliette will be killed, to prove a point. Warner spends most of his time reading Juliettes notebook. He cant stop thinking about her, he wants her love.

My thoughts:

I got to say this book was short but I LOVED it. This book brings you to the mind of the man who has taken Juliette to use her as a weapon. I love to read books of series and trilogy from the “Bad”  or another characters point of view. Makes the story, I say, better.  In Shatter Me, Warner is made out to be the worst man, but reading his point of view, he seems a lot more forgiving. He sees the whole picture unlike his father who just kills to get people to fear him. Example of this is in the first book, Warner kills one of his solders. In this book you read more about why he did it. The man he killed was abusing his wife and children. So he killed him. When his father found out, he had this solders wife killed along with the 3 children.

I love Taherehs writing a lot. Its perfect. Its amazing. I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars, just because i thought it was short. I really like that Warner wasn’t as bad of a guy that he was mad out to be. I can not wait till book 2 comes out! Feb. 5th is a long time to wait. But its going to be well worth it.


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