Forsaken By Keary Taylor

Fall of Angels Book 2

“If you can’t be judged, what are you willing to do to save him?”



Jessica: dreams about angels

Alex: grandson of the owners house jessica is staying at, falls for Jessica

Cole: leader of the condemned angels, wants Jessica

Cormack: angel sent to find Cole

Emily: Jessicas friend

About the book:

Cole let Jessica know that Alex was going to propose the night she was taken. Now that Cole is gone and Alex gets to spend more time with the living, Jessica is wondering why he hasn’t proposed. Now the council is looking for Cole, they want him back. As Alex, Jessica and Cormack try to find Cole, they learn why he was after Jessica.  As well as to why Alex wont propose to Jessica.

My thoughts:

I got to say that i found myself skimming / skipping parts of this book a lot more then the first one.  This book is written in both Alex and Jessica’s point of view. The book constantly kept telling you how the other one felt, It felt like a never ending book. The reason  I decided to read this book was to see how it ended. I guess that no matter how bad a book is, you always want to see how it ends. I also have hopes that it will get better. But the characters, in this book, just pissed me off.  I gave this book 3 out of 5 stars on I don’t really recommend this series/trilogy. But i have read all 3 books


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