Vindicted By: Keary Taylor


Fall of Angels Book 3



Jessica: dreams about angels

Alex: grandson of the owners house jessica is staying at, falls for Jessica

Cole: leader of the condemned angels, wants Jessica


About the book:

Jessica and Alex begin to plan a wedding, knowing Alex days are numbered. Jessica begins to try and find a way to save him. In order to save Alex, Jessica  must know find a way to talk to the one person that wanted to taker her. As each day passes Alex becomes weaker and Cole can no longer help Jessica. Now she must ask those from the afterlife she stood trail for, to help her save Alex. Or will it be to late.

My thoughts:

I got to say this book was better then both the first book and the last. It really had me thinking about what Jessica could do to save Alex. I found myself coming up with different ways. I did not expect the solution that she ended up doing. I have given this book 4 out of 5 stars on I still wouldn’t really recommend this series. Its enjoyable but no. I also like how Coles character has changed a lot. He has finally let go of his past. I have also decided that i will not be reading Coles point of view The After Life.

As of right know Im not really sure what book I will be reading next. As i have mentioned before I am currently working on making some jewelry for a show case I will be having in November. That right now is my main focus. But will have time  to read books al i need is to find a good book to read. If you have suggestions feel free to contact me and recommend books. You can leave me a comment here or you can go to my facebook page as well. Thax


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