Girl of Fire and Thorns By Rae Carson

Fire and Thorns, book #1



Elisa: the chosen one, carries the godstone

Alejandro: King of Joya d’Arenas

Hector: King Alejandros head guard

Humberto: Cosmes brother, falls in love with Elisa, protects her

Cosme: Lady in waiting, kidnaps Elisa for help


Elisa has never been her sister Alodia, She never understood why she was the chosen one. Now at the age of 16 she is been married of to king Alejandro. Now Elisa is leaving her home and must find the confidence that she needs to be queen. In addition to moving, she must keep the secret of been Alejandros wife along with been the bearer of the goodstone for her own safety. She starts to learn the real reason she was married off. But when Cosme finds out that she is the carrier of the godstone, its not long before Elisa is kidnaped in a desperate need. The fearther in she is taken into the desert that harder its going to be finding her. Now Elisa learns even more about King Alejandro and the war that never ended.


I got to say, i really enjoyed this book and recommend it a lot. I have it a 4 out of 5 stars on Just because the hole “got shined his light on you and there it was, the godstone”  The godstone is in the bellybutton, and it has powers that Elisa is still trying to figure out.  Something about that just sounded a bit silly. But i love to read  this book. King Alejandro is a wimp so it didn’t serprise me what happened to him at the end. I recommend this book. You get a lot in this book, a lot of characters a lot of places but its great loved it recommend it.


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