The Crown of Embers By Rae Carson

Fire and Thorns Book #2



Elisa: the chosen one, carries the godstone

Hector: Elisas  head of the royal guard

ximena: Elisas gardian

Mara: Elisas lady and waiting

About the book:

With Alejandro dead, Elisa must be a Queen. But the war isnt over.  The Animagus still want the queen. Now someone is trying to kill Elisa wail others are trying to kidnap her. Elisa is off on to find Zafira so she has the power to end everything. One thing Elisa has always wanted was to be loved, now she is falling for Hector. But Ximena has other plans, she want  Hector for Elisas older sister. Now Hector has been kidnaped in an attempt to get Elisa to willingly become a sacrifice.

My thoughts:

I loved this book! Gave it a 5 out of 5 star of goodreads. Wish i can give a lot more detail about both books but it would be giving the whole story away. Ever since the first book I felt like Hector and Elisa would have some kind of love connection. Even if it had no clue that it would ever happened. I absolutely loved this book. You get the idea who is behind everything, but its a great read and this book left with a Cliff hanger with Hector been taken and Elisa writing to his father for Hectors hand in marriage. release date hasn’t been given for the last book but im guessing it wont be out till september of 2013. cant wait!!!


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