Heirs to the Throne By: Jane Shoup

The Chronicles of Azulland Book 2



Ammey: sent away after her friends death. is the only girl in the family after her older sister went away

Lucas: Ammeys father

Tom,David,Nicolas, Anthony, Richard Dane: Ammeys brothers

Forzenay, Stipe, Kidder, Graybil, Vincent: Forzeney’s Five , assassins

Milainah and the Seidh: types of witches/fortune tellers

Marko Corin: King

Mehr: Markos cousen, blamed for Ammeys death

Zephyr: aka Zino, manipulates Marko, Markos right hand man

Voreskae: aka Salvo, Zephyr helper

About the book:

The war is over, Ammey is on her way home with her father, brothers and 2 of the Forzeneys Five.  Spending winter away from Marco Corin to be able to think. But the war is not over. Zino has not been found, and he is angry . He has made a deal, giving his soul, to help him take Azulland. Now Zino has taken over Corins castle, and Ammey must go and save him before he dies.

My thoughts:

I love this trilogy, I found myself not been able to put it down. I have given it a 4 out of  5 stars on goodreads.com. One thing i didnt like was the author would add short storys of people who are affected on what is going on in the land of Azulland. Another thing was that in this book Ammey was kinda made into a wimp. She went through a lot in the fist book that she is fighting with herself.  All in all i recommend this trilogy.  And i cant wait for the last book to read it.


The Perfect Hope By: Nora Roberts





Becket: Brother #1, married to Clare

Owen :Brother #2, Averys husband

Ryder: Brother #3, hot headed, feels something for Hope but is scared to admit it.

Clare: owns bookstore in town

Avery: Pizza place owner

Hope: new innkeeper for the BoonsBoro Inn


About the book:

Hope is the innkeeper of the BonnsBoro Inn. Giving up on her love life. After been “the other woman” Hope went off and took the job of innkeeper. when she meet Ryder her heart beet a little faster. But she new Ryder was never interested in her. Ryder never calls her by her name and always gives her attitude.  But little does she know that its all because Ryder felt something as well. Something he has never felt for a girl before that it scared him enough to stay away. As they give a “relationship” a try, both Ryder and Hope fall in love. But what happens when Hopes ex comes and makes a proposition for her? Will she take his offer?

My thoughts:

This is the forth book i read from Nora Roberts, I really like this Trilogy and you already know what to expect once you get to the last book. One thing i noticed was that its a lot like the second book. I gave it a 3 out of 5 stars on goodread.com. It was a short enjoyable read. i recommend it for readers who just love, love stories

Book Review Update!!!

My jewelry showcase is OVER!!! So all that stress is gone. I have also gotten a new job, an overnight job so that has also been stressful. Been sleeping a lot so thats why i havent been keeping up with my reviews and reading ****sigh***

^   Will be posting 3 book reviews sometime this week.

Lossing It By Cora Carmack


Bliss: is in her last year of college, still a virgin

Garrick: British boy

Kelsey: Bliss best friend

Cade: Bliss best guy friend, likes Bliss

About the book:

Bliss is in her last semester of college and she is the only virgin in her group of friends. One day she did the mistake of telling her best friend. Now she is set to go out and have a one night stand. Now,at the bar, she is ready to bail on her best friend She meets Garrick a british boy. But as they start to have sex Bliss freaks out and makes up a lie that she has to go pick up her at… at 12:30am. The next day she finds out that Garrick is a temporary teacher in one of her classes. But Bliss and Garrick cant stop thinking about each other and no matter how much they try to be friends they both now something is growing with them. The last thing Bliss expected was to find out that her  best friend Cade had feelings for her after they played spin the bottle and kissed. Now Bliss must choose to have a hidden relation ship with the guy she made a complete fool of her self with or be with her best guy friend.

My thoughts:

Ok so this book has the same story line of falling in love with your teacher before you know he is your teacher. I enjoyed reading this book even if it did have an over told story line.  I have it a 3 out of 5 stars on goodreads.com  I could not find a book that caught my eye so i read this one. One thing about this book that i liked was that when i was reading it was that it wasn’t focused on them getting caught. It was mostly about Bliss realizing  her feelings and about her virginity. As im reading it, I loved the personality that  they had. If i saw a real life couple like that i would think they where cute. It was a short read , i read it in a day. I recommend it as a “i cant find anything else to read” book . enjoy!