Heirs to the Throne By: Jane Shoup

The Chronicles of Azulland Book 2



Ammey: sent away after her friends death. is the only girl in the family after her older sister went away

Lucas: Ammeys father

Tom,David,Nicolas, Anthony, Richard Dane: Ammeys brothers

Forzenay, Stipe, Kidder, Graybil, Vincent: Forzeney’s Five , assassins

Milainah and the Seidh: types of witches/fortune tellers

Marko Corin: King

Mehr: Markos cousen, blamed for Ammeys death

Zephyr: aka Zino, manipulates Marko, Markos right hand man

Voreskae: aka Salvo, Zephyr helper

About the book:

The war is over, Ammey is on her way home with her father, brothers and 2 of the Forzeneys Five.  Spending winter away from Marco Corin to be able to think. But the war is not over. Zino has not been found, and he is angry . He has made a deal, giving his soul, to help him take Azulland. Now Zino has taken over Corins castle, and Ammey must go and save him before he dies.

My thoughts:

I love this trilogy, I found myself not been able to put it down. I have given it a 4 out of  5 stars on goodreads.com. One thing i didnt like was the author would add short storys of people who are affected on what is going on in the land of Azulland. Another thing was that in this book Ammey was kinda made into a wimp. She went through a lot in the fist book that she is fighting with herself.  All in all i recommend this trilogy.  And i cant wait for the last book to read it.


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