Eighty Days Blue By: Vina Jackson




Book 2, Eighty Days



Summer: Loves classical music, figuring out her deepest desires.

Dominik: saw Summer play, in a way a Dom. buys Summer a new violin.

Charlotte: Summers “friend” gets summer started in fetish

Victor: a Dom, wants Summer for himself

Chris: an old friend of Summer, wants to help her out of her new life

Lauralynn: Another Dom. becomes freinds with Dominik

Simon: is interested in Summer.


About the book:

Summer and Dominik are finally together in New York. But neither one wants to tell the other what they have been doing wail they have been apart. Dominik decides to take a job in New York to spend more time with Summer. But Summers currier is just starting. With her solo performance been a success she is taken on a tour to perform all over the world. Dominik  ends up in New York by himself, and ends up running into Victor. But was it a coincidence? or douse Victor have something planed for both Victor and Summer?

My thoughts:

I got to say this book was good but felt never ending and it was a bit boring until you get to the ending. when everything starts to unravel. It also became very predictable. I really don’t know what else to say about this book. I had higher expectations for it.


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