Eighty Days Red By: Vina Jackson


Book 3, Eighty Days




Summer: Loves classical music, figuring out her deepest desires.

Dominik: saw Summer play, in a way a Dom. buys Summer a new violin.

Chris: an old friend of Summer, wants to help her out of her new life

Fran: Summers sister

Viggo: Rock star becomes Summers new “relationship”

Lauralynn: Another Dom. becomes freinds with Dominik

Simon: is interested in Summer.

About the Book:

After the blow up with Dominik happens, Simon is right ther for Summer.  Summer packs her things and moves in with Simon and just like that she is in a relationship with him. But Summer is not happy, but when she finally gets the guts to go and talk to Dominik he is gone back to London. Simon and Summer decide that its best they go there own way since they both want deferent things. Summer then meets Viggo a rock star that is helping her friend Chris make it big.  Then Summers violin is stolen bringing Dominik back into her life.

My thoughts:

Skip it. Thats my recommendation for this book. I thought the last book was disappointing this just is ridicules. Its more about the history about the violin then about the characters. You know who stole it before its even stolen. Most books get better and they go one but this series/trilogy just, no.  most definitely a skip


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