Eighty Days Yellow By: Vina Jackson


Book 1, Eighty Days



Summer: Loves classical music, figuring out her deepest desires.

Dominik: saw Summer play, in a way a Dom. buys Summer a new violin.

Charlotte: Summers “friend” gets summer started in fetish

Victor: a Dom, wants Summer for himself

Chris: an old friend of Summer, wants to help her out of her new life

About the book:

Every time Summer plays her Violin she is lost in a sort of trance. Dominik sees her play and is fascinated my how she is lost in her music. When he reads that he violin has been broken Dominik finds a way to meet her. offering her a new violin, in exchange for  her to play for him under his conditions. Such conditions are: play naked, blind folded, whenever he calls on her. Dominiks intentions are never to be Summers Dom.  Never forcing her to do anything she doesn’t  wish to do. But as more time passes both cant keep each other from thinking of one another wail been with other people intimately. Unable to figher out the feelings they have, they deside to part ways.

Summer takes a job in New York, without telling Dominik. When Victor finds out he fallows after her.  Victor introduces Summer into  the Dom. and Sub. life. Making Summer feel the lowest she has ever felt.  But when Victor want to make her a permanent sex slave Summer finally brakes, and as Chris to find and tell Dominik wher she is. But will it be too late? Will Dominik find her before she is branded permanently?

My thoughts:

I got to say i liked this book. I got to read this book because of Summer playing the violin. I was iffy about it because of the whole “if you like Fifty Shades” you will like this book. But i wouldn’t really say to compare it to fifty shades its more like Captive in the Dark by C.J. Robert. Yes it has the fetishes of Fifty Shades but its not between two people. Summer is brought into this world buy her friend Charlotte.Who took her to a fetish club. She likes that Dominik tells her what to do but withought the whole Dom. She trust him to stop or not do anything that she doesn’t want to.  A lot of people say Fifty Shades is a written out porno, but the thing is, the story isn’t about the sex. Its about the story behind the sex. In this story its a girl who is trying to figure out what turns her on, and why she likes it so much. She is confused as to why she enjoys this kind of  stuff. She also realizes that she has a limit to what she will except.

I will admite this book has a lot orgy partys and im not one to tell people how to live there lives, but i could not help but think how people who do this in real life aren’t afraid of getting ADS. Or other infections. It also has a lot of fetish clubs, thats how Summer finds out she has a thing for this kind of stuff. So if you are ok with reading this kind of book i say read it. its a good book, and just remeber read the story. and don’t judge it because of the sex in the book.

I read a review on goodreads.com, a woman said she didnt like the book because she didn’t like that the man was so dominant and in charge. But thats what the book is about. Doms, Subs, Fetishes, dildos, sex, etc. don’t read a book that has this kind of stuff be prepared for it if you do. AND READ THE STORY BEHIND THE SEX. the average rating on goodreads for this book was a 2.95 . i gave it a  4 star. so with that i say enjoy hope this review helped.


Fifty Shades Freed By: E L James


About the book:

The honeymoon ends and reality hits, as Ana and Christian go back to the real world. Security, for Ana and the Grays, is increased after Christian finds out that its Jack who is after them. As the investigation continues, Christian starts to find out that he has more in common with jack then he realized. After Ana Red words in the playroom, Christian comes to explain to her that he needs to have some control. After Ana is told that she is changing, she realizes that she must stay who is was when she first meet Christian, for his sake. Ana has a secret of her own and must find the courage to tell Christian.

What I thought:

I definitely liked this book more then the second one. It did take me a little longer to read because I couldn’t get into it. It still has a bit of sex, but its only when they try something new. The book starts out when they are on honeymoon, and have flash backs to the wedding day.  As I said in my review of the second book, Jake was going to try and destroy both Christian and Ana. He is arrested, after trying to kidnap Ana at the apartment, wail Christian is away on business. Christian has his own privet investigator that find out that both Christian and Jack went to the same faster family. I in a way saw that coming, I felt the book was very predictable. This book also did a lot of jumping around. I think thats why a lot of people said it was a really bad written book. It would jump from 2-3 hours to 2 years later in the end.

In the book, Christian tells Ana that at one point he might want kids, but not anytime soon. Well Ana ends up pregnant, (who didn’t see that one coming) she ends up missing 4 appointments because of events that happen. Ana then moves to another bedroom after Christian disapproves of the pregnancy. After this Ana gets a call from Jack from Mias (Christians sister) cell phone. Jack ask for 5 mil dollars and wants it in 2 hours or he will kill Mia. Ana has to pretend to leave Christian so he could get the money and save Mia.

After this is all done, Ana ends up in the hospital and Christian is learning to except that Ana is Pregnant. He starts to tell Ana how the relationship with Elena started and how he ended up been who he was. Then they jump to about 3 years later to Ana been Pregnant with a 2nd child (a girl) and a son of 2 years old. Living Happy ever after in the new home that had gotten. One thing i did like was all the way at then end. E L James included short story about Christian, when he was a little boy spending Christmas with the Grays. Another story was when Christian meets Ana for the first time, but from his point of view. I really enjoyed that one.

Well that it for Fifty Shades

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