Lossing It By Cora Carmack


Bliss: is in her last year of college, still a virgin

Garrick: British boy

Kelsey: Bliss best friend

Cade: Bliss best guy friend, likes Bliss

About the book:

Bliss is in her last semester of college and she is the only virgin in her group of friends. One day she did the mistake of telling her best friend. Now she is set to go out and have a one night stand. Now,at the bar, she is ready to bail on her best friend She meets Garrick a british boy. But as they start to have sex Bliss freaks out and makes up a lie that she has to go pick up her at… at 12:30am. The next day she finds out that Garrick is a temporary teacher in one of her classes. But Bliss and Garrick cant stop thinking about each other and no matter how much they try to be friends they both now something is growing with them. The last thing Bliss expected was to find out that her  best friend Cade had feelings for her after they played spin the bottle and kissed. Now Bliss must choose to have a hidden relation ship with the guy she made a complete fool of her self with or be with her best guy friend.

My thoughts:

Ok so this book has the same story line of falling in love with your teacher before you know he is your teacher. I enjoyed reading this book even if it did have an over told story line.  I have it a 3 out of 5 stars on goodreads.com  I could not find a book that caught my eye so i read this one. One thing about this book that i liked was that when i was reading it was that it wasn’t focused on them getting caught. It was mostly about Bliss realizing  her feelings and about her virginity. As im reading it, I loved the personality that  they had. If i saw a real life couple like that i would think they where cute. It was a short read , i read it in a day. I recommend it as a “i cant find anything else to read” book . enjoy!


Eden By: Keary Taylor




Avian: The Dr. at Eden, loves Eve

Eve: Part human part Fallen

West: Has known Eve since she was small. loves Eve

About the book:

” The company NovaTor Biotics created a new breed of technology, Manufactured a product that was going to save millions of peoples lives, improve a few million more. They created tehchnology that infused human DNA with cybernetic molecules. It had the ablility to generate new limbs, organs and just about any other human part. The machine was a part of you, just like your feet or your eyes. It was the perfect blend of machine and man…. But the technology mutate. Side effects started showing up…. The technology was evolving on its own… By the forth month 98% of the world’s population was infected…”

Eve lived with the rest of Eden, a small community of 32 humans trying to stay alive. She is one of the top watchers/ hunters they have. Eve is noticing changes, feeling things she has never felt. Now that West has joined Eden , she starts to learn things about herself she never new. Fining out she was an experiment from NovaTor by finding out by a notebook West keeps close to him. Now Eve not only has to help the people of Eden but she must choose who she loves more. West: the one she cant trust but feels intense when they kiss, blacks out when she is with him, or Avian the one who always seems to calm her and makes her feel like she is a normal person.

My thoughts: 

I got to say, when i finished this book i was soooooo disappointed in it. This book is nothing but resident evil but instead of zombies its cyborgs. I started to read this book because prequel, REBIRTH, was getting a lot of  good reviews…. Well, i didn’t read that part that said it was a prequel, i thought it was a sequel. So i read it, but i was a little skeptical just because it was by Keary Taylor.  At the end West is infected and they are trying to treat him, but you never really find out if he servives or not. You kinda get the idea that he will make it but never get a yes or no. I gave this book a 3 out of 5 stars on goodreads.com No i dont recommend it

Ammey McKeaf By: Jane Shoup

The Chronicles of Azulland Book 1



Ammey: sent away after her friends death. is the only girl in the family after her older sister went away

Lucas: Ammeys father

Tom,David,Nicolas, Anthony, Richard Dane: Ammeys brothers

Forzenay, Stipe, Kidder, Graybil, Vincent: Forzeney’s Five , assassins

Milainah and the Seidh: types of witches/fortune tellers

Marko Corin: King

Mehr: Markos cousen, blamed for Ammeys death

Zephyr: aka Zino, manipulates Marko, Markos right hand man

Voreskae: aka Salvo, Zephyr helper

Garid, Fin, Jansen, Peter, Darius, Lott, Samuel: Find Ammey take her home

About the book:

War is about about to begin, and after Ammeys best friend was murdered, Ammey was sent away for protection and to avoid distracting her brothers and father. Know Ammey is on the way to Wydenyl with escorts, but when they arrive screams begin. Ammey was told to hide, and she watched as her escorts/friends died. Saved by the Foreneys five, Ammey fallows them to meet Milaiah to see what it is they should do. Ammey is trained to fight, to protect herself. But not everything goes according to plan.

When all 6 are on a mission, Graybil is hurt and is sent back home with Ammey to heal. But Graybil must go back to the Five before the next full moon, and Ammey must stay. Corins men attack Graybils home and Ammey must keep the promise of protecting Graybils family. But she is t taken, intrigued by her ability to kill, she is kept alive. When they arrive Corin finds an interest in her, he can not explain.

Now Ammey must find a way to get back home, But as Ammey is kept and spends time with Corin, She learns that he is not what everyone thinks he is. She learns to care about him. Zephyr has other plans, Ammey is messing with his plans and has her kidnaped and killed. Ammey must find a way to escape. But will she go back home to her family or will  she return to Corin, and live the life she has now come to believe is true.

My thoughts:

I got to say i liked reading this book. I have given this book a 4 out of 5 stars on goodreads.com I have always liked to read or see movies that involve kings and queens, sword fighting, bows and arrows. Im just that kind of girl. 😀 i cant really say what my favorite part of this book is because i like all of it. I didnt expect the beginning at all. One thing that was like OMG really! was the fact that every group of man that she came to be apart of would have at least 1 of them fall in love with her. promising her a great life if she chose them. But she dose fall for one but i aint going to say who, but i saw it coming. Book number 2 is to come out in November and i can’t wait to read it. For the “Prophesy” is that she must go with King Corin and give up her love for __________. HAHAHAHA  you thought i was gonna tell yeah ,but noooo lol enjoy

Currently reading:

EDEN By: Keary Taylor authour of Fall of Angels trilogy… why am i reading a book by an author who i did not like a trilogy from… i have no idea. But so far it is a good book.

Watched By: Cindy M. Hogan


Christy: main character, wants to change her image aka become popular.

Marybeth: part of Christy group

Alex: part of Christy group

Rick: part of Christy group

Kira:part of Christy group

Summer: part of Christy group

Josh:part of Christy group

Eugene: part of Christy group


Christy is on a trip to the capital, when she is invited to sneak out of the hotel room and have fun. Christy wanting to change herself to someone better went out with them. When mother nature calls the group goes into another hotel room to use the bathroom, little did they now that a murder was taking place. As they try to get back to the hotel they realize they are been flowed.  Now they must lose the man ordered the kill wail making sure they don’t get caught sneaking out.


Ok so it took me a few days to find a book to read. This book was recommended by Goodreads.com, based on other books I have read. It has a 4 star rating, both on Goodreads and the Nook shop, so i gave it a try. I have been reading this book for the past 3 days, and still havent read 100 pages. I don’t know why but i cant seem to get into this book. I feel like im back in high school reading this book. It must be the whole “I have to change so people like me” thing. I know its just a book but still. I say this is a book to pass. I will read other books and come back to this one and see if i can finish it. But as of right now I will stop reading it.

Shatter Me By: Taherh Mafi

Shatter Me, Book 1 of 3



Juliette- main character, can not be touched, put in an asylum to protect others from her

Adam-  a solder, falls for Juliette, is the only one that can touch her

Warner- leader of sector 45, wants to use Juliette as a weapon

James- Adams younger brother

Kenji- Adams under cover solder friend, part of the Omega Point

*The Reestablishment- bad guys

*Omega Point- good guys, under ground


Juliette is keept away from everyone. Everyone is told not to be around her. Her parents don’t want her. She is a danger to everyone. One touch and she will kill you. At 14 years old, Juliette was taken away and put into an asylum. She spends her time counting seconds, minutes, hours, days. Until one day she is told that she will be getting a roommate, Adam. One thing Juliette didn’t expect was that Adam was a former class mate of hers. Juliette is then taken form the asylum and into the Reestablishment, learns that Adam is a solder sent to the asylum to make sure she didn’t go insane. They want her, but only to hurt people. Something she always refused to do. Once alone, Adam makes it clear that he want to get out. Now Juliette and Adam must find a way to get out alive.


OMG! this book was amazing! I wasn’t really sure about it in the beginning, I kinda felt like it was going to drag on and on and on.  That and the way it is written, the story is told from Juliettes point of view.There was a lot of use of strikethroughs. What Mafi did was, have Juliettes thoughts be crossed out. Just like this. Let show you how annoying that is. Dont get me wrong it was different but its also a pain, in the you know what, to keep reading something that is crossed out like this. Another thing that annoyed me was that she had a lot of repetition. Almost as in making it seam that Juliette was starting to loose it wail she was in the asylum. Good part of it was that as the book went on it showed less and less of both of this annoying things. This book also reminded me a lot of the X-men. Because in the end The Omega Point was like a school. who had a bunch of special power people, learning to use the special powers they have. With that said I recommend this book its an amazing book. I gave it a 4 out of 5 starts on Goodreads because of the two annoying things that I found. This book made my Top To Read list.

Destroy Me: book 1.5 will be out on Oct. 2,2012

Unravel Me: book 2 will be out Feb. 5, 2013

Untitled: book 3 will be out  nov 13 2013

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