Eighty Days Yellow By: Vina Jackson


Book 1, Eighty Days



Summer: Loves classical music, figuring out her deepest desires.

Dominik: saw Summer play, in a way a Dom. buys Summer a new violin.

Charlotte: Summers “friend” gets summer started in fetish

Victor: a Dom, wants Summer for himself

Chris: an old friend of Summer, wants to help her out of her new life

About the book:

Every time Summer plays her Violin she is lost in a sort of trance. Dominik sees her play and is fascinated my how she is lost in her music. When he reads that he violin has been broken Dominik finds a way to meet her. offering her a new violin, in exchange for  her to play for him under his conditions. Such conditions are: play naked, blind folded, whenever he calls on her. Dominiks intentions are never to be Summers Dom.  Never forcing her to do anything she doesn’t  wish to do. But as more time passes both cant keep each other from thinking of one another wail been with other people intimately. Unable to figher out the feelings they have, they deside to part ways.

Summer takes a job in New York, without telling Dominik. When Victor finds out he fallows after her.  Victor introduces Summer into  the Dom. and Sub. life. Making Summer feel the lowest she has ever felt.  But when Victor want to make her a permanent sex slave Summer finally brakes, and as Chris to find and tell Dominik wher she is. But will it be too late? Will Dominik find her before she is branded permanently?

My thoughts:

I got to say i liked this book. I got to read this book because of Summer playing the violin. I was iffy about it because of the whole “if you like Fifty Shades” you will like this book. But i wouldn’t really say to compare it to fifty shades its more like Captive in the Dark by C.J. Robert. Yes it has the fetishes of Fifty Shades but its not between two people. Summer is brought into this world buy her friend Charlotte.Who took her to a fetish club. She likes that Dominik tells her what to do but withought the whole Dom. She trust him to stop or not do anything that she doesn’t want to.  A lot of people say Fifty Shades is a written out porno, but the thing is, the story isn’t about the sex. Its about the story behind the sex. In this story its a girl who is trying to figure out what turns her on, and why she likes it so much. She is confused as to why she enjoys this kind of  stuff. She also realizes that she has a limit to what she will except.

I will admite this book has a lot orgy partys and im not one to tell people how to live there lives, but i could not help but think how people who do this in real life aren’t afraid of getting ADS. Or other infections. It also has a lot of fetish clubs, thats how Summer finds out she has a thing for this kind of stuff. So if you are ok with reading this kind of book i say read it. its a good book, and just remeber read the story. and don’t judge it because of the sex in the book.

I read a review on goodreads.com, a woman said she didnt like the book because she didn’t like that the man was so dominant and in charge. But thats what the book is about. Doms, Subs, Fetishes, dildos, sex, etc. don’t read a book that has this kind of stuff be prepared for it if you do. AND READ THE STORY BEHIND THE SEX. the average rating on goodreads for this book was a 2.95 . i gave it a  4 star. so with that i say enjoy hope this review helped.


Checkmate: A Neighbor from hell By: R.L. Mathewson




Book 3 in A Neighbor from Hell


Rory: has her own construction company.

Connor: grew up with Rory, picking on her making her life hell, also has own construction company


About the book:

Rory and Conner have been going at it since childhood. Getting band left and right from restaurants, camps, etc. Both Rory and Conners businesses are hired to work on a construction project.  Now they must find a way to be around each other in order to get this project done. But Conner has other things in mind. He wants Rorys brothers to come work for him. So he works on a plan to make this happend. Having a fake relationship with Rory. All he needs is Rory to agree. But will this fake relationship bring back the old feelings he had for her?

My thoughts:

I enjoyed reading this book, it wasnt as good as the first two. In this book Rory has a weakness for hot coco, instead of food like the Bradfords. When i started to read this book i was thinking on how i was gonna miss the Bradfords but they made a little appearance in the book. turns out that  they are Rorys cousins. That was something i liked in this book. But the whole coco weakness was nothing compared to the food weakness. It had its funny moments, all in all a good book. Short read. I recommend it as a book to read wail you wait and find another book to read.

The Perfect Hope By: Nora Roberts





Becket: Brother #1, married to Clare

Owen :Brother #2, Averys husband

Ryder: Brother #3, hot headed, feels something for Hope but is scared to admit it.

Clare: owns bookstore in town

Avery: Pizza place owner

Hope: new innkeeper for the BoonsBoro Inn


About the book:

Hope is the innkeeper of the BonnsBoro Inn. Giving up on her love life. After been “the other woman” Hope went off and took the job of innkeeper. when she meet Ryder her heart beet a little faster. But she new Ryder was never interested in her. Ryder never calls her by her name and always gives her attitude.  But little does she know that its all because Ryder felt something as well. Something he has never felt for a girl before that it scared him enough to stay away. As they give a “relationship” a try, both Ryder and Hope fall in love. But what happens when Hopes ex comes and makes a proposition for her? Will she take his offer?

My thoughts:

This is the forth book i read from Nora Roberts, I really like this Trilogy and you already know what to expect once you get to the last book. One thing i noticed was that its a lot like the second book. I gave it a 3 out of 5 stars on goodread.com. It was a short enjoyable read. i recommend it for readers who just love, love stories

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Lossing It By Cora Carmack


Bliss: is in her last year of college, still a virgin

Garrick: British boy

Kelsey: Bliss best friend

Cade: Bliss best guy friend, likes Bliss

About the book:

Bliss is in her last semester of college and she is the only virgin in her group of friends. One day she did the mistake of telling her best friend. Now she is set to go out and have a one night stand. Now,at the bar, she is ready to bail on her best friend She meets Garrick a british boy. But as they start to have sex Bliss freaks out and makes up a lie that she has to go pick up her at… at 12:30am. The next day she finds out that Garrick is a temporary teacher in one of her classes. But Bliss and Garrick cant stop thinking about each other and no matter how much they try to be friends they both now something is growing with them. The last thing Bliss expected was to find out that her  best friend Cade had feelings for her after they played spin the bottle and kissed. Now Bliss must choose to have a hidden relation ship with the guy she made a complete fool of her self with or be with her best guy friend.

My thoughts:

Ok so this book has the same story line of falling in love with your teacher before you know he is your teacher. I enjoyed reading this book even if it did have an over told story line.  I have it a 3 out of 5 stars on goodreads.com  I could not find a book that caught my eye so i read this one. One thing about this book that i liked was that when i was reading it was that it wasn’t focused on them getting caught. It was mostly about Bliss realizing  her feelings and about her virginity. As im reading it, I loved the personality that  they had. If i saw a real life couple like that i would think they where cute. It was a short read , i read it in a day. I recommend it as a “i cant find anything else to read” book . enjoy!

Ammey McKeaf By: Jane Shoup

The Chronicles of Azulland Book 1



Ammey: sent away after her friends death. is the only girl in the family after her older sister went away

Lucas: Ammeys father

Tom,David,Nicolas, Anthony, Richard Dane: Ammeys brothers

Forzenay, Stipe, Kidder, Graybil, Vincent: Forzeney’s Five , assassins

Milainah and the Seidh: types of witches/fortune tellers

Marko Corin: King

Mehr: Markos cousen, blamed for Ammeys death

Zephyr: aka Zino, manipulates Marko, Markos right hand man

Voreskae: aka Salvo, Zephyr helper

Garid, Fin, Jansen, Peter, Darius, Lott, Samuel: Find Ammey take her home

About the book:

War is about about to begin, and after Ammeys best friend was murdered, Ammey was sent away for protection and to avoid distracting her brothers and father. Know Ammey is on the way to Wydenyl with escorts, but when they arrive screams begin. Ammey was told to hide, and she watched as her escorts/friends died. Saved by the Foreneys five, Ammey fallows them to meet Milaiah to see what it is they should do. Ammey is trained to fight, to protect herself. But not everything goes according to plan.

When all 6 are on a mission, Graybil is hurt and is sent back home with Ammey to heal. But Graybil must go back to the Five before the next full moon, and Ammey must stay. Corins men attack Graybils home and Ammey must keep the promise of protecting Graybils family. But she is t taken, intrigued by her ability to kill, she is kept alive. When they arrive Corin finds an interest in her, he can not explain.

Now Ammey must find a way to get back home, But as Ammey is kept and spends time with Corin, She learns that he is not what everyone thinks he is. She learns to care about him. Zephyr has other plans, Ammey is messing with his plans and has her kidnaped and killed. Ammey must find a way to escape. But will she go back home to her family or will  she return to Corin, and live the life she has now come to believe is true.

My thoughts:

I got to say i liked reading this book. I have given this book a 4 out of 5 stars on goodreads.com I have always liked to read or see movies that involve kings and queens, sword fighting, bows and arrows. Im just that kind of girl. 😀 i cant really say what my favorite part of this book is because i like all of it. I didnt expect the beginning at all. One thing that was like OMG really! was the fact that every group of man that she came to be apart of would have at least 1 of them fall in love with her. promising her a great life if she chose them. But she dose fall for one but i aint going to say who, but i saw it coming. Book number 2 is to come out in November and i can’t wait to read it. For the “Prophesy” is that she must go with King Corin and give up her love for __________. HAHAHAHA  you thought i was gonna tell yeah ,but noooo lol enjoy

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EDEN By: Keary Taylor authour of Fall of Angels trilogy… why am i reading a book by an author who i did not like a trilogy from… i have no idea. But so far it is a good book.

Forsaken By Keary Taylor

Fall of Angels Book 2

“If you can’t be judged, what are you willing to do to save him?”



Jessica: dreams about angels

Alex: grandson of the owners house jessica is staying at, falls for Jessica

Cole: leader of the condemned angels, wants Jessica

Cormack: angel sent to find Cole

Emily: Jessicas friend

About the book:

Cole let Jessica know that Alex was going to propose the night she was taken. Now that Cole is gone and Alex gets to spend more time with the living, Jessica is wondering why he hasn’t proposed. Now the council is looking for Cole, they want him back. As Alex, Jessica and Cormack try to find Cole, they learn why he was after Jessica.  As well as to why Alex wont propose to Jessica.

My thoughts:

I got to say that i found myself skimming / skipping parts of this book a lot more then the first one.  This book is written in both Alex and Jessica’s point of view. The book constantly kept telling you how the other one felt, It felt like a never ending book. The reason  I decided to read this book was to see how it ended. I guess that no matter how bad a book is, you always want to see how it ends. I also have hopes that it will get better. But the characters, in this book, just pissed me off.  I gave this book 3 out of 5 stars on goodreads.com I don’t really recommend this series/trilogy. But i have read all 3 books

Young Love Murder By: April Brookshire



” Most of the time, other bad guys hire me to take out a target. Competition in the criminal world can be ruthless. On the other hand, sometimes it’s hard for ‘by the book’ government agencies to take down men like this because they have to follow the pesky laws the criminal element choose to ignore. can’t have the FBI or Interpol offing any person they suspect of committing murder and mayhem.”


Annabelle: Assassen, Sent to kill Xavier, Annie

Jackson: Annies brother.

Uncle Simon: Takes the hit “orders”

Brent: Assassen, Friend of jackson and Annie

Porky: Nerd, cleans up after the assassins

Gabriel Sanchez: 17 years old Xavier’s son

Max Garcia: 17 years ild, Gabriels cousin

Xavier Sanchez: murderer, drug lord,

Lucy Garcia: Max mother, Xavier’s business partner

About the book:

Annabelle is sent on another assiment, to kill Xavier Sanchez. She is to use Max and Gabriel to get to him. When she shares a kiss with Gabriel, Both feel a connection. Annie knows that its a problem and tries to get close to Max instead. But its useless. When she finally got the chance to kill Xavier, she gets cold feet. But at the second chance she gets she must take it, But she didn’t expect was for Gabriel to walk in wail she was trying to kill his father. She must do what she must do, She killed Xavier in front of Gabriel. Now Gabriel is on the hunt to find Annabelle and kill her. But will the love they have over come this anger inside of Gabriel, or will be really kill Annabelle?

My thoughts:

I liked reading this book, it had a lot of unexpected parts. One thing i did not like was that we had a lot of repetition and repetition and more repetition.  That made me a little annoyed because it almost just felt like she was trying to make the story longer. I also found myself skimming a lot when I was reading this book.  I have given this book a 3 out of 5 stars on good reads. I do know that a second book is coming out. At the end of this book they had Jackson talking saying he would not fall in love ever. So i take it the next book is about Jacksons love story. One thing that was also wrong is that the author has that the second book will be out winter 2011/2012, in the book, and goodreads.com right know has it set out for 2013. And no its not out yet. I think I will read the second book just because i like Jackson’s character. Enjoy!


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Ceaseless (Existence Trilogy #3) Last book!!!

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Leif By: Abbi Glines


This book is about Leifs point of view from the first two books in the Existence trilogy


All I can say  is…. THIS BOOK SUCKED!!!

I expected so much more out of this book but all it really was Leif point of view from the two first books. I expected it to have more detail of Leif when he was away from Pagan and Dank, but all this book had was Leif point of view in the BIG  parts of both books. Very short and disappointing.


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