A Little of This a Little of That



I love to read, but one thing that I always ask my self is: how can people read a book more then once? I have never been able to read a book twice no matter how much I love it. Is that a bad thing???? Well let me tell you, I have not started to read a new book yet. Why you ask? Because I am  re reading Providence By Jamie McGuire. Yes i am re reading a book for the first time ever!!! Like I have said before I LOVE THAT TRILOGY! and I just found something out too. Her Beautiful Disaster is becoming a movie. Yes its in the works. No date or actors have been picked yet. AND Walking Disaster is going to come out two weeks early as well.


Some more updates: 

Colleen Hoover has a new book out called Hopeless and it has been getting really good reviews

Unravel Me by Tehereh Mafi will be out next month


Next to read:

Colleen Hoover Hopeless


Other notes

My other blog is also up and running. If you haven’t checked it out please do so. Its different then this blog. its more about my thoughts on anything or just stuff that is happening in my life.


Eden By: Jamie McGuire




Nina: Main Character

Jared: Ninas security, Falls in love with Nina, Half angel half human, Ninas protector\

Claire: Jareds sister, Half angel half human Ryans protector

Bex: Jareds younger brother, Half angel half human

Kim: Ninas friend

Beth: Ninas friend

Jack: Ninas father

Gabe: Jareds father, Jacks protecter

Shax: Hell loard

Ryan: Ninas friend, thought to be Ninas husband,


When we last left Nina and the gang, Nina had just found out she was expecting. Once the child is born  Heven will help protect the child and Nina. All they have to do is keep Hell from killing Nina. Everything becomes hard when Hell starts to take over Humans body to get to Nina. As Ninas body changes she starts to get powers of her own, that are been passed on from her child. As the gang goes into hiding Nina tries to keep herself from going insane. But will she just site and wait months in a cave  waiting for her child to be born.


I absolutely love this trilogy. It’s one of my all time favorite books I have read. I fell in love with every character that was in this book. I cried when things got difficult for them, and when someone died. I love getting that feeling when you read a book. You know it was a good book. when I finished the book I wanted it to keep going. That is one of the reasons I love to read trilogies. The  books flow so well and its not one of those books that that the author makes all this suspense and then it ends in 1 chapter. It is a great trilogy, I highly recommend this book. I hope to one day see this book on the big screen, but at the same time I don’t want Hollywood to destroy the book like they have for some movies. Again this is a must read if you haven’t started to read it, then go get started. And just to let you know my favorite character was Claire, she kicks ass.