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I love to read, but one thing that I always ask my self is: how can people read a book more then once? I have never been able to read a book twice no matter how much I love it. Is that a bad thing???? Well let me tell you, I have not started to read a new book yet. Why you ask? Because I am  re reading Providence By Jamie McGuire. Yes i am re reading a book for the first time ever!!! Like I have said before I LOVE THAT TRILOGY! and I just found something out too. Her Beautiful Disaster is becoming a movie. Yes its in the works. No date or actors have been picked yet. AND Walking Disaster is going to come out two weeks early as well.


Some more updates: 

Colleen Hoover has a new book out called Hopeless and it has been getting really good reviews

Unravel Me by Tehereh Mafi will be out next month


Next to read:

Colleen Hoover Hopeless


Other notes

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Slammed By: Coleen Hoover


Layken: falls in love with Will

Kel: Lakes younger brother

Julia: mother of Lake and Kel

Will: 21, teacher, takes care of Caulder

Caulder: Wills younger brother


Lake, Kel, and Julia move from Texas to Ypsilanti Michigan, after the death of there dad. When they move to the new place Lake meets Will a 21 year old who lost both of his parents and is now raising his younger brother. Will waist no time asking Lake out on a date, but little did they now that the relationship they wanted could not happen. After finding out that Will is teacher at the high school Lake is attending, Will separates himself away from Lake. Like Julia asked both of them to do. But its not easy when both younger brothers are best friends. As they finally start to except that they couldn’t be together, Julia reviles a secret she has been holding for years. Will helps Layken prepare for what is coming her way.


I really enjoyed this book a lot. Even though it was a predictable book, you still get so into it and all you want to do is keep reading. I finished reading this book in less then 24 hours. It’s a really simple easy read. I cried wail reading this book. I will not give much more away about this book just because its a short read. enjoy


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